Simple secrets to getting organized

Simple secrets to getting organized.


Turn your chaos into calm with these simple solutions.baskets

Utilize baskets and bins when organizing.  I love working with bins and baskets for containing clutter and it gives a nice organized, appearance.  You can use baskets in closets, on the top of shelves, next to the couch to hold children’s toys and one of my favorite places, inside drawers to avoid that dreaded junk drawer or overstuffed dresser drawer.  It’s one of my favorite simple secrets to getting organized.

goodwillKeep a donate bag next to your car.  If you park outside, then keep one in a closet close by the front door.  You don’t need to let clothing or other items build up until you decide you’re ready to go through and De-clutter.  We all know how that goes.  If you find something that no longer fits or come across an item you no longer use, put in the donate bag and head to your neighborhood donation center when the bag gets full.

De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter.  When you bring something into your home, you are adding stuff.  In return, take something out of your home to avoid unnecessary clutter.  When you buy a new item of clothing, get rid of an old item of clothing.  My rule for myself is to never by hangers.  If I add something new to my wardrobe, then I get rid of something.  I know it doesn’t sound easy, but once you get the hang of it and start feeling the rewards of having a clutter free home, it will become enjoyable and simple.


Live chaos free with these 3 simple secrets to getting organized.



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