Let Simple Life Organize maximize your home’s storage space!

_MG_0030Having places to store items not currently in use is nearly essential to a home and it seems like we can never get enough storage space, no matter the size of our home. Sometimes, things spend so much time in storage that you may have no idea what you actually own! If it’s impossible to find anything in your storage areas, or if they are full to the brim, trust Simple Life Organizing to help organize and make more space in your home’s storage areas to make your life easier.

Oftentimes, people care more about getting their stuff out of sight and tucked away in storage areas rather than taking the time to make sure it’s stored with ease of accessibility in mind. With this service, Simple Life will help you go through your storage areas to make sure you really know what you own. Together, we will sort through everything and we will neatly organize and label items in storage to make sure you know where to locate everything. We will also organize your holiday storage so that when it’s time to decorate for a specific holiday, it’ll take no time at all! Included in this organizing service, we offer to take one carload of items to a donation center. For an additional fee, we will take multiple car loads.

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