Let us help you preserve your precious memories!

simple-life-4-resizedAs an Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) certified professional organizer, Simple Life Organizing can help you sort and save your family’s most valued memories for generations to come. If you have boxes full of loose photos, or files on your computer full of photos in a nonsensical order, you can count on Simple Life to help you today.

We will help you organize photos into photo albums in a clear order and we can put photo books together to bring your family history together in one place. We can also scan your pictures onto your computer and organize them into neatly ordered files to ensure that you will have a digital copy of your photos. We are also experienced in bringing all of your pictures, from your phone, computer, tablet, etc. together to be stored in one place for future viewing and enjoyment. These photos can be stored in a permanent storage online website and on a cloud backup which we can provide training for. At Simple Life Organizing, we want to make sure that your family can easily find and enjoy these awesome memories for generations to come, so let us help you with professional photo organization!

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