Moving? Let us help you get a fresh start!

Moving boxesAt Simple Life Organizing, we understand the stress and chaos that’s involved in preparing for a move. All too often, you find you have more things than you believed and it can feel as though you are drowning in stuff, with no direction on where to start. If you managed to get everything stuffed into boxes and hauled to your new home, you will most likely toss the clutter out of boxes or avoid unpacking altogether. This is where Simple Life comes in.

There is no better time to de-clutter and have a fresh start than when preparing to move into a new home. With our expertise and guidance, you will be provided with a sense of freedom knowing that you are bringing only what you need to your new home. We can also help organize your things after the move to make sure that your new home is in proper working order from the beginning. We will also make sure to help you avoid having boxes sitting around for months after the move. Included in this organizing service, we offer to take one carload of items to a donation center. For an additional fee, we will take multiple car loads.

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