We’re ready to take on the challenge of getting your children’s rooms organized!

Two children playing in the roomAs many parents know, it can be very difficult to try and organize a child’s room. With all of the toys kids play with, especially ones with small parts and many pieces, the task of organizing a child’s room can be daunting for both child and parent.

At Simple Life Organizing, we have the experience, skills, and motivation necessary to organize these areas, bringing relief and peace of mind to parents, while making the space safer and more fun for the children. We will guide you through the process of de-cluttering and organizing your children’s rooms to make sure everything is accessible, in order, and neat. Your children will feel as though they’ve never had so much space—and so many toys—to play with! Included in this organizing service, we offer to take one carload of items to a donation center. For an additional fee, we will take multiple car loads.

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