Preserving Your Memories Through Photos

Preserving your memories through photos.

What would happen to your photo collection if an unforeseen disaster occurred?   Would a lifetime of memories be lost forever or would your photos be saved on an external drive, CD or in a cloud?  Approximately 35% of people do not have their photos backed up anywhere and only 19% backup their photos once a year.

“Acronis World Backup Day Survey Shows 1 in 3 People Have Suffered Data Loss and 20% are Willing to Pay $500 or More to Recover Lost Files.”

Preserving your memories through photos.The way we take and store photos is not the same as it was even 10 years ago.  Before, preserving your memories through your photos meant taking your film up to the drugstore, picking it up a week later and putting them into albums.  Then years later, we could take, and still can, our memory cards up to the drugstore, choose and correct the ones we want, then print them to be picked up later that day.  Now we have even more ways to store, save, backup and print our pictures that it can be overwhelming.  While technology has become more advanced, don’t forget that it is here to help us and has several positives.

My go to storage and backup for my all of my pictures is through ForeverForever is a permanent and safe way to store and preserve your pictures from generation to generation.  I also have them stored on CD’s through MAM-A and on an external hard drive which I store in a fire safe box.  I also have a lot of my prints in albums as well.  These prints are also stored in Forever where they are safe.

There are so many ways in which we see, store and take photos now that it can be a bit intimidating.  Don’t worry, there is always a Certified Photo Organizer in your area ready to help and if you live in the Overland Park, KS area, then you have one in your neighborhood.  Simple Life Organizing is ready to relief you of your photo stress!


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