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APPO certifiedI am so excited to say that I am now a Certified Photo Organizer.  As soon as I was introduced to Cathi Nelson, founder of The Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), at the 2014 NAPO Conference, I knew I had found something truly exciting.  The thought of organizing someone’s pictures through all of their digital devices and bringing them together in one place for them to enjoy now and for many generations sounded like a blast.  I couldn’t wait to start my journey to becoming a Certified Photo Organizer and help people bring their digital chaos to an end.


It seems like everyone I know has pictures all over the place.  They have prints scattered throughout their home and sometimes in more than one home.  They are on their phones, desktops, laptops and I-Pads.  This made my head feel cluttered just thinking about it.

I want to share the final Photo Organizing story that completed my work for my certification.  I knew my client had a lot of family photos and a lot of generations of family photos, but I wasn’t exactly sure just how many pictures they actually had.  When I finally got all of the photos, I knew it would be a challenge and a very rewarding and exciting job.  After my client had given me the tubs, boxes and bags full of pictures, I dove right in.  I uncovered at least seven generations, from each side of the family, of photos.  It was clear why my client had spent years being overwhelmed with the burden of finding a way to organize all of these photos.

After weeks of photo organizing, I was able to hand my client one photo book made by PPA of their four children, 3 large Legacy Boxes and 1 small Legacy Box, completely organized by person with all of their pictures.  The joy my client had was all I needed to know that I will forever organize photos for people are too overwhelmed and burdened with a collection of unorganized photos.


Thanks Cathi Nelson and Lisa Kurtz!

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