Mid-Summer Check List

Mid-Summer Check List.


Cooing off on those hot summer days.

Cooling off on those hot summer days.

We spend all winter filling ourselves with the anticipation of a beautiful spring and a fun summer and before you know it, summer is half over.  Before your vacation ends and you send your kids back to school, make yourself a checklist to make sure you are on schedule to do all of the things you promised yourself you would do before the summer comes to a close.

Make a physical list of the things you have accomplished and the things you still want to do.  It helps to compare the two lists and come up with a plan to get all of your activities in.  If you find that you have too much on your list, you can narrow it down by picking the most important things.

My family and I have several traditions that keep us entertained during the summer.  One of our favorites are our season passes to the Kansas City Zoo, The Sea Life Aquarium and Science City in Union Station.

camp fire - Summer camping

Summer camping in the mountains.

There is always something different offered at these venues throughout the year. A lot of the time we pack a picnic and make a day out of it.  No matter what city you live in, you can always find something to keep your summer filled with laughter..

Planning your summer can be timely and costly.  Don’t let your it slip away from you and remember to stay within your budget.  Don’t let your summer fun leave you with unwanted debt.

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