Love what you have. Need what you want.

Love what you have. Need what you want.


You hear people say it and you swear you’re going to do it, but do you actually love everything you have?  Why is it so difficult to let go of our things even though we don’t really want them?  I try to only have what I absolutely love.  When I notice that I’m feeling overwhelmed with stuff or I find a pile of clutter that doesn’t have a home, I remember this rule and start De-cluttering.

Motivating reasons to live only with stuff that you love:

– You will live with less stuff, and who doesn’t want that?

– You will eliminate the chaos in your home.

– Kids won’t tell you, but they truly do want to live in a        clutter-free home.

–  You will save time by avoiding looking for lost things.

–  You will save money.

–  You will live in a more peaceful home and have a more simple life…  It just makes sense.


I do pretty good with the first part, love what you have.  It’s living by the motto, need what you want, that I struggle with.   Most of the things that we think we need are actually things that we just want.  How often do you find yourself shopping

shoppingwhen there is really nothing that you need or you buy something that sits in a bag for a week or a month or even longer.

Helpful tips that help you only buy what you need:

– Shop with a list.

– If you find something that’s not on the list, leave the store. If you still want it in a couple of days, then get it.

– Leave your credit cards at home and only bring enough money for the things you intend on buying.

– Go to the store when you have only enough time to buy the things on your list.  Having an unlimited time in a store, for me anyways, can only lead to unneeded purchases.

It’s fun and feels glamour-is to shop and spend money, but it never feels the same way when you get home with stuff you don’t want or need and spend money that you didn’t want to.  Stop and think before you buy, do you love what you have and do you need what you want.  It will make you think more clearer before your next purchase.

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