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Are you overwhelmed with clutter?



Organize your way to a beautiful home.

What’s holding you back from getting organized? Knowing you need to De-clutter and get organized is a very scary and overwhelming feeling. Don’t worry, it is less complicated than it sounds and there is always a Professional Organizer to call on if you feel stuck.

What is it that makes you feel so completely overwhelmed and frozen at the thought of organizing your home?

• Do you feel like there is no possible end to your stuff?
• Do you feel frozen and just can’t get started, no many how many times you have   tried?
• Are you afraid of what you may find?
• Is it easier for you to just ignore the clutter?
• Are you terrified that you may throw away something that may be of great value?
• Do you want to ask for help, but are sure your home has to be the most unorganized and cluttered anyone has ever seen and are too embarrassed?

Well this is your lucky day because I have great news for you!

• There is always an end to the endlessness of your items. Getting started is the easiest way to see the that there really is an end to the clutter.
• This is a huge reason why so many people live with with clutter. The thought of figuring out what to do with it is almost paralyzing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I have just recently learned to ask for help when I need it. It has made my life much easier. If you feel like you want to try and tackle things yourself, try with an annoying junk drawer or overstuffed sweater drawer.
• You may find something you don’t want to find. Maybe someone you love has passed and you don’t want to deal with the emotions. You could always have a friend ready to call. This is a really good to hire a professional organizer. They are not as emotionally involved with your items as you are and they can keep you focused and on track.
• Of course it seems much easier to ignore the clutter, but you never really are ignoring it. Being disorganized follows you in all areas of your life. When I have any sort of clutter or unfinished project in my home, I feel a little off all day. Being a little more organized can help you focus better. You will find it easier to concentrate on one thing, you won’t feel all over the place, you will be able to find things easier and it won’t be so hard to get places on time. Not being organized can and will leak to all areas of your life.
• Many, many people don’t get rid of anything because of the fear that they may get rid of something important. Once again, that’s why it’s a good idea hire a professional organizer. They can help you through those questions. I always say, “Is possibly losing something that may be important to you and you didn’t even realize you had a good trade off for living in an unorganized, cluttered home that has been causing you and your family years of stress?”
• I can promise you that your home is not the most unorganized home ever. Don’t let embarrassment keep you from becoming organized. Remember, Professional Organizers have seen a lot of things. As a Professional Organizer, I love to organize and De-clutter, so if think your house is the worst, well that’s even better for me.

Quick Tip: Stop buying organizing containers to get organized. Buying the containers is not motivation enough to get started and you are just adding to the clutter. Chances are, you probably have plenty of containers already to get organized with under all of the clutter.

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