Esthetic and Efficient Coat Closet.

Esthetic and efficient coat closet: they can co-exist.


My husband just shakes hs head and laughs because he knows there is no stopping me in my pursuit to make everything organized look as visually appealing as possible.

My family just moved and I wanted to make sure I had a coat closet that worked best for my family.  Last year I had my closet set up with baskets for scarves, hats and gloves that went on the top shelf and baskets on the bottom for shoes and backpacks.  I love the baskets from Home Goods, they are always so cute and affordable.  The coat closet still had flaws though, I 12227058always had to get the baskets down for my daughters to go through, leaving a big mess and always feeling rushed at he last minute during the winter season.  There were always shoes all over the bottom of the floor too and you could never easily find a match.  This year I am trying something different with a clear shoe organizer from Target.  I have put all of their scarves, hats and gloves in there and I choose clear so my daughters can easily find and choose what they want without having to ask me.  I have one basket on the floor only for the shoes that they are tempted to leave by the front door as they come in.  I also have two separate hooks for their backpacks so they won’t be on the floor anymore.  I am really excited to see how it works and hopefully it will save my family from always feeling rushed as we walk out he door during those clod, winter months.  To finish the closet and make it look great, I painted the walls a pretty cafe latte color and stenciled golden brown, autumn orange and fall green leaves cascading down the wall.


I am currently paining the drab walls in my garage and adding a special touch.  I will keep you informed with the progress.





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