De-Clutter your email

De-Clutter your email.

email-clutter1I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions and I don’t have a crazy, unorganized email,  but like everyone else, I do get a lot of emails everyday and I have more than one email address.  If I go even one week without De-Cluttering my emails, It starts to drive me crazy and make my head feel cluttered.  I finally decided enough is enough and I completely organized and De-Cluttered both of my emails the first day of 2015.  It’s no secret that I like to organize and  De-Clutter almost anything, so this was a fun task for me.  The best part is it didn’t take very long and now I have a system so everyday my emails will De-Clutter themselves.

These are three things that help my email inbox stay De-Cluttered:

• Categorize and make folders for the emails you want to keep.

• Automatically have emails sent to their designated folders, skipping your inbox completely.

• Don’t be afraid to delete useless emails.  Hint: If you can’t decide if it’s important or not, it’s probably not.

Put your unorganized email headache in the past and De-Clutter your email inbox for good.

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