Meet Liz Allen, owner of Simple Life Organizing

Liz Allen is a professional organizer and a certified photo organizer based out of Olathe, Kansas and is the owner of Simple Life Organizing. She enjoys helping families and individuals all over Johnson County get organized, de-cluttered, and find peace and simplicity in their lives and homes. Liz has an eye for seeing through the clutter and realizing your home’s true potential. If you’re in need of an efficient organizing system for your home and life, Simple Life Organizing can provide you with a variety of useful solutions.  Liz also sees the value in photos through preserving your memories and bridges the gap in family generations by organizing your photos, scanning photos for safety and ease to maneuver through, home movie conversion, photo restoration, creating back up systems to prevent the loss of your family photo collection, and many more.

Simple Life Organizing is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers’ (NAPO), a member of  NAPO-St. Loiuis and is professionally certified by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO). The business follows the NAPO Code of Ethics and is non-judgmental and understanding. Liz strives to help people not only organize their things, but also get their lives in order and on track for success.

Through Simple Life Organizing’s knowledge, skills, and expertise, clients can have nearly every room of their home organized and put in order while learning the best ways to manage the items in their home—from everyday clutter, to important personal and business paperwork, storage areas, and much more. Liz is also great at time management and can help anyone gain control over both their own and their family’s busy schedules.